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Friday, February 28, 2014

Ol' Mississippi, she's callin' my name.

What were you, Mobile? I know that when I go back to Corinth this spring, I will be asked. "How was Mobile?" "Why come back?"

Very simply, Mobile was fun, and I'm coming back because my beloved received a job opportunity in Corinth that could not be turned down.

In turns, Mobile was:
exciting, then not exciting, then sometimes exciting again
hot, and then warm until late November and then suddenly cold as we all became acquainted with polar vortices
challenging in a good way: exploring, learning traffic patterns, getting to know new people
then challenging in a not good way: stuck in traffic no matter which way is taken, getting to know new people who weren't all that
delicious...which never changed. It's all still delicious, and I have some regained pounds to bring back as a temporary souvenir

You know, the usual. I like Mobile quite a bit, but I never quite fell in love with it the way I did with Memphis. I loved my apartment, for a while. Living in the Tower was a lot of fun, and being in walking distance of the downtown nightlife and the Mardi Gras parades made for many a wonderful night full of color, new drinks, music, and blissful holding-of-hands. Looking up at the highrises that were lit up at the top in Mardi Gras colors, after a dinner of fresh oysters, his arms around me. Those were magical nights, and I'll treasure those memories, keep them for times when the house is a wreck and the kids are howling terrors. Memories like hanging out all day at the beach in Pensacola, and our favorite beach bar. Salt water and sunshine, shooting pool (terribly) in our bathing suits while classic rock and Top 40 blared intermittently. Bushwackers, Diesel Fuels, sitting in the sand and enjoying the warm breeze at night. You can't beat that, and you can bet we'll be back at the beach this summer to visit.

I made some headway with school. The University experience is quite different from the CC experience, even when you're in your late twenties and not living in a dorm. I really liked a couple of my Profs and discovered I have a fascination with, and aptitude for, geology. Who knew?

I made a couple friends who I'll probably stay in touch with. I can't say I met any Megans, Brandons, Tamaras or Lindseys. I might have if I had spent more free time on the terrace with the Tower rats, but...I dunno. The aforenamed folks set the bar really high. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for jivin' with hipsters, and there were a lot of those on the terrace. Speaking of making good friends, sometimes I wonder what it's like to be one of those women who has a pack of girlfriends. A woman who goes out for girls night with more than one other female at a time. I've had very few nights like that. Going out with coworkers can be fun, but I always sort of feel on the outside of established groups. I don't think I'll ever be the woman who has to edit down a list of potential bridesmaids, you know? I'm not dissatisfied with that. Just wonder what the other side is like. I digress.

How do I feel about moving back to Corinth? It took me a while to type that sentence. I have very mixed feelings about it. Corinth is a place I was happy to get out of, away from, shed of, free of, {pick any phrase that suggests escape or release}. I had to get out and know how I'd do in the big city (or the bigger than Jackson but smaller than Memphis city). Brett and I also wanted to see how WE would do elsewhere. Do we make as much sense anywhere as we did in Corinth? Turns out, we totally do, and everything in that department has blossomed and grown exponentially. So I thrived, he thrived, we thrived, Mobile is a good place for thriving. I'm not 100% stoked about going back, but I understand my priorities and the things I want, and, understanding these, it does make sense to return. Having lived in another city and been happy, I've had the revelation that I can probably do that just about anywhere. Attitude adjustment and all that. Happiness is a choice. {Inspirational quote on an ocean backdrop-PINNED}.