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Friday, January 18, 2013

No glutens had to die for this bread.

I really wish I had taken a picture of this amazing loaf of bread, because yeah. It was that good.

A few months ago, my mother picked up a box of Hodgson Mills GF bread mix. It sat in the cabinet as I experimented with my own recipes, and I just figured I would get around to it...some other day. Well, some other day came. A box arrived at the house last week, containing a late Christmas present, also from my mother. A shiny new Cuisinart bread machine! I was simultaneously stoked and intimidated. I've managed to get along really well with the KitchenAid stand mixer that Aunt Linda and Uncle John gave me, but that's about it as far as me and kitchen technology. I can't even use an electric can opener. No joke. They're noisy and I can never get the lid of the can to catch just right, so I eschew them. The cream separator Brett gave me came with instructions in Russian, which is kinda hilarious, but I know I've only got a month or so until Mandie's goats start producing milk again and I'll have to dominate that contraption. Whatever it takes will be worth it when I have fresh cream again.

I digress. Anyway, there was no need to be intimidated. The bread machine was the easiest machine I've ever used. I mixed up the wet ingredients and dumped them in the pan, dumped in the dry ingredients, put the yeast on top, closed the lid and turned it on. That was it. There's a handy gluten-free setting, and that's the only other button I had to mess with. I walked away and did something else productive (watched bad tv, played some Scrabble), and a couple hours later I had a perfect loaf of white bread with a perfect golden crust. I know it's supposed to cool, but since this playa don't care, I immediately cut off a slice. It was delicious! There was no grainy texture! It was just bread! I don't know if the magic was in the mix or the machine, but this is so, so going to happen again. I'm really looking forward to trying all my own recipes in it now. This bread machine has changed my life, y'all.

That's all. On that subject, anyway.

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