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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello, 2013.

So far, the new year's been kinda gloomy. We're still dangling over the fiscal cliff, I've got a bit of a cold, and it's cold and rainy outside. Plus Brett just left. He came up a couple weeks ago and stayed for a few nights before continuing on to Michigan to be with his family for Christmas. He came back down on Sunday so we could do New Year's Eve together, which we did, with Megan and Keith, and now he's on his way back to Mobile. I know it's not super far, and that we'll Skype a lot, and that we'll see each other again in a few weeks, but it's getting harder to say goodbye every time.

The merger at work that I was waiting for has been pushed to late February, which means I won't be able to transfer until March at the earliest. I figure if I'm stuck here until March, I might as well make it May and get in another semester. There are some benefits to staying, and I keep reminding myself of those benefits. I'll have more money saved up,  and I'll be continuing my math with the same awesome teacher and same awesome study group. My bosses are trying to work me at the main office more so that I'll get more experience in lending, IRAs, and annuities. That'll help me when it does come time to transfer. So there's that. I'm not gonna lie, though. I'm pretty bummed about the delay. Looking at the bright side and trying to stay positive is effective most of the time, but there's just no substitute for a hug, you know?

In the good news department, 2013 is going to be the year that I get in the best shape of my life. Call it my New Year's resolution, I guess. There are a couple other things I'd like to do and work on. Improve my correspondence, for one. Be a better friend. I've finally quit smoking for good (three months now!), and have weaned myself off of caffeine,  so now I'm going to try to knock "late bedtime" off my list of vices. I want to be more involved with the women's shelter. Right now, there are issues with the plumbing and they can't house anybody until it's all fixed, and there just isn't enough money for it. Some fundraising is in order.

It's a cold, wet January night. I'm staying up until Brett gets home, and then I'm crashing. Despite the delay in moving, and this little cold, and this nasty weather, I'm a very thankful girl. I just had a wonderful Christmas with my wonderful, crazy family, and a New Year's Eve kiss from the man I'm crazy about. My book swap buddy, Arch, loaned me I Am The Cheese, and I read it, and it's really good. My mother gave me some absolutely delicious, fragrant jasmine blooms for tea, and I'm about to make a cup and go through my bookshelf to select a return book for Arch. The house is cozy, my kitty is playing and purring, the fridge is full, my new sheets are soft, and I keep looking, and smiling, at the cream separator Brett gave me for Christmas. God has seen fit to see me through to another year, and I'm heading into it, feeling very blessed and very  loved. What a fortunate girl I am.                                                                                                                                                      

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