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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Break's over, back to work.

That was a nice break, but as it turns out, I miss this place too much. Why did I take it down for a while? Well, there was a bit of a creepster situation, but that was short-lived. That was the initial reason I took it down, but I kept it down because I needed a reprieve from social media in general. I had the revelation that I actually kind of hate Facebook, and took that down, too. That one's very unlikely to be brought back; a life without Facebook is a much more pleasant life, I've found. Maybe I'm just getting curmudgeonly in my advanced age. Anyway, I used the extra time to focus on school and on the relationships that DO matter to me. I've found the reaction to that interesting in itself. People I don't speak to every day or even every week, but who I consider close friends, immediately asked me what was up with my Facebook/blog. It sparked some good conversations, real conversations, and I wondered how many had been lost when we just clicked "like" instead of talking.

 So what happened in the interim? Well for starters, this place turned 6! Happy belated birthday, blog. I'm sorry you spent it alone. That's no way to treat a friend, but I think we just needed some space, you know?

 Well, there's been a lot of activity. The merger at work has been pushed to late January, so I'm stuck in Corinth until then. I've been to Mobile a couple times now to check out apartments and such, but I haven't looked super hard yet. Instead, my time there has been taken up by frolicking at Gulf Shores, learning about innovative latrines at Fort Gaines, dancing to Old Crow Medicine Show under the stars, brunching under giant oaks, looking for gators, checking out Brett's giant new mill, and learning that a couple parts of downtown Mobile at night really remind me of Savannah, GA at night.

 And that's in Mobile.

 It's been busy in Corinth, too, just not with such cool stuff. A lot more math than I care to be busy with, mostly. I'm not gonna lie: I greatly dislike math. It's just not my thing. My newly promoted seeeeeenior engineer boyfriend thinks that any day, it'll click and suddenly, I'll love math. I keep telling him it's not gonna happen. This is an argument I know I will win. I know it's true the way I know I will never use the information that's being wretchedly forced into my brain beyond the sole purpose of regurgitating it on a final exam next week. Then it'll be gone, until the next semester, when I take the last math I will have to take. I think. I hope. Oh, I hope. If for no other reason than to spare him the abuse I give him when I need his help with it. He's a great tutor, but I'm a difficult pupil. Not because I can't (eventually) get the material, but because I'm apparently "combative" about it. I must have a pretty bad attitude to be accused of being "combative" through Skype. Anyway, it's December, to my dismay and delight. The last few months have raced by. I've gotten a little crafty in my downtime, exploring activities like scrapbooking and beadwork. So far, I've completed one scrapbook and was astonished at how much work goes into making one that's just pretty nice. I look at the intricate, detailed ones my Aunt Laura makes and am very humbled. I have a long way to go. There's a lot of clipping and measuring, planning, and placing, and it doesn't just come together like magic. It sounds so easy, but its execution is time-consuming, cumbersome, and complicated. I understand now why people have special craft tables with drawers and nooks and crannies. Ditto beadwork. I'm currently making a rosary with teeeensy delicate chain links that I have to cut and push back together with two types of pliers, and attach to the wire that I've threaded and looped through pearls. It's a little maddening, but rewarding to see the chain grow.

Why am I delving into all this instead of just sticking to knitting? Well, part of it is Pinterest. The other part of it is that I'm almost completely disenchanted with Corinth. It still has its bright points, like the Green Market, Grand Illumination, etc. But day-to-day Corinth has become the pits and I'm not even pretending to have anything in common with most of the people I used to hang out with. Knowing you're moving soon has that effect on you. Before, for my own survival, I had to try to convince myself that Corinth wasn't really that bad. That's no longer necessary. Corinth is great for other people, but I'm not one of them. And I'm not saying that the people I spent time with here aren't great people; they are. We just don't have a whole lot in common, and now that I've been back in college and am moving to a place with some diversity, I know I'll find other people who want to talk about the stuff I actually find interesting. That sounds judgy, but it really isn't. I'm just tired of stupid-fun being the only fun readily available. I'm tired of small-town drama, and I'm not even in said drama. I'm just tired of hearing about everyone else's. There are actually people out there who have no interest in gossip. It's true. I've met some of them. I'd like to meet more of them. There are people out there who can think of more to do than just drink and goof off. Don't get me wrong, there's room for that, but not every weekend. It's just time to go. It's so, so time to go. I've made up my mind, I've paid off all my debt, and it's time. Now I just have to wait on this merger. In the meantime, I craft, study, and Skype. I'm happy, excited, and full of hope.

P.S. Pictured: Not his real sunglasses. He found those. He did not buy them. I promise he's not a tool.

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