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Friday, August 17, 2012

Goin' Down South

So I'm embedded, ticklike, firmly in the armpit of fall semester. I offer this icky analogy, because that's what school feels like right now. I'm taking the less-than-thrilling classes that are required if I want to go on and take the classes that actually relate to my major. They're not hard courses. They're really, really easy, and that's why it's imperative for me to latch on with ticklike tenacity. I have a tendency to get bored when I'm not challenged, and a tendency to slack on whatever I'm bored with. Terrible habits. And I have a tendency to be really good at indulging in my bad habits. Not this time! No. I'm going to remain hunkered down and committed to draining these classes of whatever rich sustenance might be contained within. Through my proboscis.

In other news, I'm making preparations to move south at the end of this semester. My company has bought out another bank based in Mobile, and I've submitted my transfer request. I'm told it ain't even no thing, and the transfer will unfold seamlessly. We'll see. I'm pretty stoked about setting up shop in Mobile. It's less than an hour from Pensacola beach, and about two hours from New Orleans. New Orleans. Good kayaking in Mobile. Also all the fresh seafood I could want but probably can't afford right after a big move.

I'm settling into a routine that involves getting up at a ludicrous hour to work out, going to work for the standard eight hours, and then to school for three hours, four days a week. There's about an hour between work and school, and I use that hour to breathe and maybe eat. I do homework for an hour after class, take about a half hour for myself to do something wicked, like liking things on Facebook, and then I crash. Now it's Friday. It's the freakin weekend, baby, Im about to have me some fun sleep. I'll be social, and even sociable, tomorrow. But tonight...I'm curling up with a nice, hot cup of everclear tea and probably an Indiana Jones movie*. Not the fourth one, because that one doesn't count.

*By "Indiana Jones movie", I might mean "a copy of Atlas Shrugged", because I'm finally reading it. I've always kinda meant to, and now that Paul Ryan's in hot water over making his staff read it, I want to see what all the hooplah is about.**

**Sike!I'll probably watch Indiana Jones.

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