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Monday, March 26, 2012


Brett: These cookies are really good.
Me: Thanks! Glad you like them.
Brett: The texture's interesting, too. I'm not sure what's going on there.
Me: *slowly forming the stankeye*
Brett: I mean, there's solid, liquid, gas, and plasma...and these cookies. *sees stankeye and visibly recoils* But they're great! Just a little crumbly. They taste great! I'll eat them all.

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I've posted. There's been so much going on, and when there's not, I'm baking oddly textured cookies* and trying to nap.

I find that I'm enjoying my music appreciation class, probably more than anyone has ever enjoyed an online music appreciation class. While the cds accompanying the textbook are definitely the most expensive I have ever owned, in the context of compilation they're pretty bitchin', and I often use them recreationally. I was listening to one while baking normal-textured cookies, and was delighted to recognize one of the selections as the basis for the title theme in The Shining. It's a cool piece. I guess Kubric thought so, too.

Spring break was about two weeks ago. I didn't attend the Jack White show in Memphis, because I waited too long to get reasonably-priced tickets (by reasonable, I mean under $100), and couldn't justify spending that much or asking my companion to. Brett and I talked about several options for a vacation, but it was decided it would be best all around for me to stay at home and rest. I kinda feel like if I had attemted a full vacation with air travel, schedules, and luggage, I would have collapsed into a sobbing pile of resentment and new bathing suits. Instead, I napped a lot and read a lot. The first three consecutive days were spent in the kitchen (not the whole days...I mean, I still slept in my bed). That's honestly what I was looking forward to the most. There's something about walking into a clean kitchen and preheating an oven that just automatically makes me feel happier. I spent hours and hours in the kitchen, reading recipes, trying recipes, tweaking recipes, making baking mixes, pancake mixes, biscuit mixes, add-to muffin mixes. Smashing fresh avcadoes with garlic, lemon juice, salt, cayenne, and salsa to make THE BEST GUACAMOLE EVER and munching on it while perusing cookbooks and unconsciously memorizing substitutions.

I made A's on my midterms. Ate gumbo at an oyster bar in Pickwick. Attempted swimming in Pickwick Lake, because it was 86 degrees that day. The water was not 86 degrees. Brett and I challenged each other to go under, so we both stupidly did it, and rushed out to play frisbee in the sun to dry off. Frisbee lasted until the sun went down, and we stood and looked at the lights on the dam until our stomachs loudly reminded us that it was quite time for dinner.

The last two weeks have included a rodeo, a dog show, an independent film festival, an American Aquarium show, and a hike at Big Hill Pond state park. We've eaten out too much. We've bickered. We've cuddled. We have, actually, spent time apart...I went to a bridal shower, and he went on a mountain biking/camping trip with his college homies.

I can safely say that I've never been more day-to-day compatible with any other boyparts owner.

I've been lovingly working on an essay about transgendered children and gender roles vs gender markers. It will be posted this week. I have one more RCIA class, and then I'll be confirmed. No more Halfolic. That's next Sunday. In the meantime, there's a confirmation (not mine, obviously), a wedding, a flurry of Park activity for the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh (more on that later as well), a sleep study (we knew it was coming), and a lot of Bodypump.

And tonight, I'm eating peanuts and watching Ghost. #baller

*It was a fluke, and I knew that recipe called for too much shortening**, I just knew it. Lesson learned.
**organic, palm, non-hydrogenated, blahblahblah you know this.