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Friday, February 17, 2012

'There is no sickness, toil or danger, in that fair land to which I go.'*

About every 52 minutes or so (approximately), I think of something I want to sit down and write about. Bishops vs. mandated contraception coverage, Alcorn County's ineffective partnership with Eat Healthy Mississippi, Whitney vs crack, bangs vs. no bangs. But then I have to do homework, or fold four pieces of laundry, or feed my sadly neglected cat, or shove some odd but nutritious combination of food down my gullet and call it a meal, because it's time to head out the door again already.

But tonight.

Since I happen to have all my homework completed for the next week, my laundry is over halfway finished, and my cat is well-fed....

..... it's time to go shop in Collierville.

Just typing that makes me feel all warm and glowy. The prospect of intentionally doing something I don't have to do fills me with giddiness. I may meet up with Megan for a post-shopping snack. I may fly solo. The point is, I'm not doing a damn thing tonight that would ordinarily fall under "priority." Tomorrow morning, I'll be at the gym for BodyPump at 8:00, and I will then conquer chorse and tackle making a heart-shaped, wheat-free, dairy-free pizza for my and Brett's Valentine's.

But tonight, I ride west alone.

If you need me, I'll be at the Avenue.

*Guess who's playing at the New Daisy next month. Yeah. I know.

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