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Monday, January 09, 2012

There's always another point of view, a better way to do the things we do.

I'm just a human. There's so much I haven't figured out and won't ever figure out. I don't get what exactly comprises happiness, or what it is, just that it's completely real and really cool without being quantifiable.

For this girl, it comes in these forms:

  • being, finally, back in school

  • not apologizing for having no desire to be an accountant

  • doing well at work and learning to enjoy being a necessary cog in this odd, funny, sometimes frustrating machine

  • watching and feeling my body become healthier all the time

  • really great sales at Maurices

  • having Christmas with a man who will not only kiss me while I wear a Grinch turtleneck and reindeer antlers, but will do so while wearing antlers himself

  • spending New Year's with said man: we went to the movies (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), he got me a laptop for school, and we rang in the new year cuddled up at his house and watching Coming to America

  • giving up caffeine (mostly) and nicotine (totally)

  • relatedly, sleeping like a sedated ground sloth

  • the gorgeous neon orange yolk of a fresh farm egg

So, a third of the way through January, and no post-Christmas blues. I'm not sure when I would have time to be or stay blue, anyway. Everything is so fast-paced these days. I have class three nights a week, plus one night devoted to an online course (and homework), and the one night I don't have school, I have RCIA. This schedule requires me to workout in the morning, and I'm actually not bitching about that at all. I loooooove waking early, putting up my hair, and going for a run before the sun's up. It puts a better sense of structure on the whole day. Saturdays are for laundry and homework. Saturday night is my free night. And Sunday, my hip is usually attached to Brett's hip. He's working nights for a big installation throughout January, and Sundays are the only day we can really hang. Mass, brunch, and then being boo'd up on the couch, giggling and chuckling and braying, and occasionally watching whatever's on the screen...usually football or Tosh.0, because we're 11 year old boys. Or anything by David Fincher, because he's kinda the man. Discussions regarding spring break have begun. There will be a vacation. Oh, yes. There will be a vacation.

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