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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mostly, I want to watch Sister Act again.

Kidding. I haven't even seen a nun yet. Singing, flying, or otherwise. I am thinking more frequently about the wedding scene in The Sound of Music and hoping that's how all Catholics do it. Or at least like in The Godfather, so that I can be whirled around a dance floor in too much white satin while some Italian guy sings songs of a questionable nature.

I'm not likely to have the Jewish wedding from Fiddler on the Roof that I always kinda wanted, ok? Let a girl have her dreams. In my dreams, the ceremony is conducted in a giant cathedral, by a very composed priest. After everything's finalized, Groom stomps on a shotglass, the crowd of hundreds goes wild shouts "Mozel tov!,"
and Groom and I are lifted (in chairs!!) and carried outside to an oddly dusty reception area. That's when folks break it down. There will be hand-clapping and line dancing and dudes I don't even know who dance with bottles on their heads, because nothing quite conveys sheer joy like people dancing with bottles on their heads for you. *sigh*

Easy, killah! I'm not getting married anytime soon. I don't even know who Groom is. I could have just as easily been thinking about the interview I'll give to some bright young aspiring writer a couple decades from now, when I'm a seasoned novelist/dietician/midwife/homesteader. Or I could have been thinking, "Mallard...that's a weird word. Mallard. Maaaallard. Mallaaaard. Where did that word come from??"

This is just the kind of stuff I think about when I have a million other things to do and my brain just involuntarily checks out for a few minutes. It's the mental equivalent of sitting down on the curb to happily slurp an ice cream cone. Then a pigeon poos in it and I have to throw it away and get back to what I was doing. I shouldn't be eating dairy, anyway.

We can start with that. Now, I'm not admitting to an allergy (because food allergies are really just in your head, anyway). But, on a whim, I decided to cut back. Just to see what would happen. What happened: The skin I always just assumed was sensitive and ornery started inching toward pristine and airbrushed-looking. I've scientifically tested this a couple times by consuming a lot of dairy for a day and paying attention. Yep. Definitely a negative reaction. How I wanted it to not be true! But it is. Obviously, it doesn't cause me physical discomfort, but it does make my complexion rebel, and I'm enjoying not feeling chained to my makeup bag. Will I live without cheese now? Hell, no. I'm looking into low lactose/casien options, like goat's milk and sheep's milk, and this weekend I'm going to make a big batch of ghee (that's clarified butter; the process removes the casein and makes it ok for even sensitive-tummied engineers). I'm pretty proficient at making cheese at home now, so that's no biggie. The only thing I really miss is having a glass of milk when I feel snackish. Almond milk is super good (and substitutes great in most recipes), but it's just not the same with a cookie.

Grandma Charlie's returned home to California. It was really good having her here, though I know we werent very good entertainment. I had hoped to have more time to hang with her, knitting and kvetching, but those cool times were too infrequent and didn't last nearly long enough. It's hard to delve into juicy conversation when there's so much going on, there's always someone wandering through the room, and there's always some animal making noise. So Brett and I are starting to plan a trip out there for spring. I didn't get to see the rest of my Califolks at all this past year, and that sucks. So I'm going to remove myself from the distractions of home/work/classes, and go spend some real quality time with these people I love and don't make enough time for.

In the good news department, I AM OFFICIALLY A STUDENT AGAIN!!! Classes start January 4. Full time, on top of my full time job and RCIA (I had to quit the second job; it was just too much, especially with school coming up). I've never been so deliciously happy in anticipation of being exhausted. I was pretty disappointed at not being able to attend fall semester, but I was prepared for that. It's all together now and I feel like I've had time to get good and ready. After some hard thinking and some conversations with folks who are already in the journalism field, I've decided to go with nutrition/dietetics. I mean, c'mon. Nothing's going to shut off my writing and I don't have to have a degree to write successfully. But as for creating a stable career based on something I love, journalism isn't the best route...and I hesitate to force creativity for a paycheck. I love nutrition and holistic medicine as much as I love writing, and since that's something I can actually be trained in and rely on for steady productivity, that's the way I'm going.

And in the Good News department, I'm about 80% sure I'll be committing to the Catholic faith in the near future. Not because I think it's the only way, or even the preferred way, but because it's comfortable to me. I'm into it. It's a call I decided to answer and found myself having an unexpectedly friendly chat. I'd like to continue the dialouge.

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