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Saturday, November 12, 2011

In which I get cozy with camels.

Because it's that time again! Tonight, Corinth remembers the casualties of the Battle & Siege, with the placing and lighting of 12,000 luminaries throughout downtown and the historic district. A lot of work goes into it, and it's Dad's baby, so if you're reading this before tonight, come show some support. The 43rd Mississippi Camel Corps will be at the Interpretive Center, so if you've ever wanted to pet a camel, now's your chance.

Seriously, this is a gorgeous event.

In other news: Amendment 26 got voted down!! Mississippi women are still allowed to make choices concerning their own reproductive organs!

My car has broken down. Tuition remains unpaid. These two factors collided, with the very distressing realization that in order to have my car fixed, I would have to forgo school next semester or get a loan, something I'm very reluctant about doing.

And then Brett stepped in. He's been in D.C. and Wisconsin for most of the past couple weeks, and we decided that was a good time to take a step back and really start considering things in terms of seriousness. It turned out to be very beneficial. We found out that we missed each other a lot more than we thought we would, and thought about each other more than we had anticipated. He nearly got tackled when he got home. And now he's assured me that my car is getting fixed and that I am absolutely continuing my education. And that I don't have to pay him back. I will, of course. But it's really nice that he offered to make a gift of it. That's too big a gift for me to accept, and I will cover as much of the costs as possible and then pay him back the remainder. But I'm floored by his generosity. It seems lately that I've been taking blow after blow (car stuff, old bills, etc.), and sometimes it's hard to stay chipper and smiling. I succeed most of the time. Knowing someone has my back is...beyond comforting. When he walked into my bar at The Mango's Young Professionals party, I just thought he was a nice guy with a great smile. I had no idea what a wonderful friend he would turn out to be.

And now we're going to go get my car fixed, and I'm going to make a hot meal to enjoy after we walk around downtown and look at the pretty luminaries.

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