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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm going to need a couple minutes alone.

Because one of my favorite books in the whole wide world...one of the creepiest, most heartbreaking novels, narrated by one of the most multilayered, completely believable protagonists I've ever encountered, is being adapted for the small screen. That's right: this December, Mike Noonan and Sara Tidwell will bust into our living rooms. Bag of Bones. Mothertrucking BAG OF BONES, ya'll.

Fiction is often good. Stephen King's fiction is almost always good. This one is beautiful and haunting. I just hope A&E doesn't muck it up. I do question casting Pierce Brosnan, I guess because I picture Mike Noonan as more like Ron Livingston.

Or, honestly, like Engineer-Beta, whom you likely haven't met, but I assure you is an excellent actor (ok, and physically fits the part of the attractive everyman).

I totally agree with the casting of Sara Tidwell and Joanne Noonan.

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Anonymous said...

Since my copy is in Germantown with Lori, who I haven't seen in four years, I will now need to purchase (in hardcover) and reread this novel that I loved so, so much. So that I can then see the film.