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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And I haven't even seen Paranormal Activity 3 yet.

I don't even know where to start. I've been too busy to sit still lately, and when I have time to sit still, I generally want to spend that time curled up on the couch with E-2.0, flipping back and forth between Red Wings games and Ghost Adventures, pretending my phone doesn't exist. And while it feels pretty awesome at the time to do just that for entire weekends, we're both simply too energetic and if we don't get things accomplished, we feel bad. So we're navigating the deeper waters of Boo'd Upness, wherein we figure out how to hang together and take care of business. Laying around feels good and all, for a little while. But there comes a point, usually when you realize the legs of your sweatpants are hiked up on your calves and your back is sore from all the total inactivity, that it's just time to get up and clean out your car or answer correspondence or teach your dog commands in Spanish. Whatever.

In one sentence: a presentation about bats, a pumpkin-carving party, a trip to Florence, a friend's epic breakup, a friend's undeserved attack on Topix, bible study (Baptist), RCIA classes (Catholic...duhr), plans to read/blog the Purpose Driven Life with a longtime buddy (sorry, private blog, but I may talk about it here if something cool happens), a haunted house, a haunted hayride, family in North Carolina, political brouhaha in which I am painted as a Godless heathern, continued weight loss, and...cooking, cooking, cooking. Cooooooking.

I have a lot to say, but right now I have to make mashed potatoes to go with tonight's pot roast and plan what I'm going to make for a post-funeral repast on Friday. Grief makes people want soul food. (I'm not grieving. Sympathetic, but I didn't personally know the deceased. I'm there to provide moral support and collard greens to a friend.)

I'm tired. Tired and happy. Looking forward to this weekend, and the giant haunted house Lacefield and I will be going to. Too bad Brett can't make it, since he'll be in D.C. Pfft. Like anyone would rather be in D.C. than Killen, Alabama.

Also: now I know how to prepare bok choy.


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