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Thursday, September 01, 2011

This is how projects get built.

Me: We're not supposed to have our phones out at work, 'cause theoretically we can take pictures of the vault combinations or something.
Brett: But...every time I walk in there the vault is wide open.
Me: Not the important part.
Brett: We're not supposed to have our phones out at work, either. Theoretically someone could take pictures of our designs.
Me: Your designs?
Brett: My designs as well.
Me: The innovative young engineer becomes a victim of corporate thievery.
Brett: Ha! Something like that.
Me: You should have kept your old phone, then. I'm pretty sure it was manufactured before cameras were invented.
Brett: No, no. It had a camera. I just had to throw a little black cape over my head to use it, and have the subject sit still for an hour.
*giggles ensue*
Brett: I wonder how those things work.
Me: Cameras? Couldn't tell you. My first guess would have something to do with tiny gnomes.
Brett: I hope that's what it is.
*he leans back against the counter and rubs chin, thoughtfully*
Me: You look innovative right now.
Brett: How hard could it be?
Me: What, making a camera? Probably not very.
Brett: I mean the oooooold cameras, with the plate-film.
Me: So? That can be made, obviously. Someone did it with raw materials once, I'm sure it can still be done.
Brett: Right, it's not like people back in the 18-whatevers hitched up the buggy and went to Wal-Mart for film.
Me: Are you thinking...?
Brett: Yeah!
Me: Oh, this is gonna be so cool.
Brett: Let's do it.
Me: We're gonna build a camera! Yaaay!
Brett: Oh, I have something for you!
*reaches under cabinet, sets object on countertop with a proud flourish*
Me: ... coconut oil?
Brett: Yeah! It's clean. Non-hydrogenated. Cooks like butter, but no dairy, so you can keep cooking for me.
Me: I tell you I like daisies, and you get me oil.
Brett: Would you have preferred the flowers?
Me: Actually...no.
Brett: That's what I thought.

So, yeah. We're gonna make a camera. How? I have no idea yet. But it's going to be a lot of fun. Either ironically or just for documentation, pictures of the process will be taken and posted.

This is gonna be awesome.

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theogeo said...

You could always make one of these things.

They make cool pictures.