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Monday, September 12, 2011

If I win this weekend's 5k, I'd better get a cooler trophy than that.

Kidding! A mini cotton bale is actually a pretty neat trophy. And I'm totally goofy with admiration. I can boast that my dawg won the Cotton Pickin' 5k! You can't.

I'm also increasingly trepidatious about my own 5k coming up this Saturday. Suddenly it's only a few days away, and I'm growing more confident by the hour...that I will embarrass myself. I mean, I have no illusions about winning or even placing. I'm just trying to gauge where I'm at and experience some healthy competition. A blessing: One of Brett's usually tied-up friends is available this weekend, so they'll be camping far away. Thank God. Not that I don't want his support (or competition) at the race, but this way if I totally suck, I can at least be alone to lick my wounds afterward. I'm not a bad runner, but I'm not a great runner yet. He can (and has) literally run circles around me. He recently participated (and finished) in the redonkulously brutal Tough Mudder event in Wisconsin. He does pull-ups with the ease with which I toss off your-mom jokes. I'm pretty sure he could break me in half if he took a notion to.* So yeah. A 5k isn't exactly a huge deal to him, whereas I've got knots in my stomach already. Can I run 3.1 miles? Sure. At my own pace, by myself (or with limited company), when I feel like it, with my iPod. Can I get out there and comfortably do it on command with a bunch of other people? We'll see. Oooh, I'm nervous.

This is just the first in a series. I've got another 5k October 1, November 24, and December 3-for sure. I may add more. Depending on how I do this weekend and Oct 1, I may attempt a 10k in Memphis Oct 16. This is all leading up to a half-marathon in February.

Why all this, though, when until recently I was content to coast on just-good-enough? Well, I've been pretty lackadaisical about my fitness. I eat more healthily than most of my peers, but I am not in my best shape, for sure. I'm not very strong at all, and I want to see/feel what it's like to be in top condition. I'm very much inspired by buddy Tamara, who will not be stopped from running for any reason, including pain. And of course I'm inspired by Brett. We share the same ideals concerning eating clean/organic, and he takes it a step further with the way he takes care of himself physically, and the results of that effort are stunning. (I don't say that in a fawning way; but when was the last time you saw a dude in Mississippi or Tennessee whose physique actually looks like a dude's is supposed to? People around here just don't push themselves like that.) It's really cool to be spending all this time with someone who actually encourages me to be the best I can be. So I'm steppin' up my game. I'm very curious to see what kind of healthier Sarah develops. Someone with more endorphins flowing through her system, for sure. Someone with a narrower waist, stronger legs...maybe even a backside, someday, after a lot of lunges. Probably not, though. I don't have much in the way of hips, and I'll likely never have much in the way of a tail that doesn't immediately identify me as 100% white-girl.

What I'm hoping for first is that the revamped me starts emerging as a non-smoker.

*Our arm wrestling is...sad. Well, my half of it. And he doesn't let me win. I guess I'm lucky he doesn't rip it out of the socket.


Anonymous said...

Haha, nothing except realizing at 29 that all that gusto was a bad, bad idea, and deciding to dial it back a bit (or a lot) because of knee issues, cartilage preservation, and arthritis in my oft-operated-on left knee joint.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and would you like some of my bubble butt? I will totes send some your way.

sarah saint said...

I admire your gusto :)

Please, please send somma that ass down here. I'd offer you some hair in return, but we've both got ridiculous amounts of that. I just had four inches taken off and I could still strangle someone with it from a couple feet away.