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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ever notice the background music in Fried Green Tomatoes? It does kinda make you hungry.

Tonight I'm joining forces with Rachel and Co. to go see The Help. I'm a little trepidatious about it. People are saying it's soooo good and touching, but when the general public says that, it usually amounts to trite and saccharine, which is pretty much what you can expect from a movie adaptation of a book that same general public has embraced.

I read it. It's aight.

See, the general public doesn't read much. That's fine; reading isn't for everyone. Periodically, a book comes out that's ok, but there's something maybe a little different about it that makes a few people say it's pretty good. Then someone like Oprah comes along and declares it, oh, enlightening or powerful or whatever. Then, it's an explosion and all these people who don't usually read are reading This Very Important Book and saying it's, like, one of the best books ever. Case in point, even comparing it to the incomparable To Kill A Mockingbird. Because people who don't regularly read for pleasure don't see the miles and miles between the layers, candor, and depth of TKAM and the too-safe-to-be-truly-provocative The Help.

I don't say that as a book snob, because I'm so not. (If anything, I'm a book slut; two covers and some pages between? Yeah, I'll hit it. You only live once, right?)I'm just sayin'. The same people who are going bananas about this book are the same people who went bananas about The Bridges Of Madison County a few years back. And they likely haven't read anything in between. If you've read five books for pleasure in your life and two of them are The Help and TKAM, well, you're going to compare the two and find them similar just because they both deal with race relations in the rural South. And they're both going to be AWESOME.

But, I read it, I did enjoy it for what it is (a tasty and largely forgettable snack consumed in between the somewhat heartier meals of Foucault and Melville), and now I'm going to go see the movie. Emma Stone usually charms my socks off, so there's that.


Also: dinner last night was wildly successful. I made flourless peanut butter cookies, and tried the chocolate cake recipe again, adding carob chips and milling the rice flour longer to refine it more. I decided to wait until Sunday to try the custards, because I want time to play with them and do a test batch. Maybe I'll get crazy and create a caramelized crust. Make creme brulee out of them.

E-2.0 went back for seconds, and took a plate home. Man, I'm good.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, which Foucault are you reading?

sarah saint said...

Discipline & Punish :)

sarah saint said...

I had to add a smiley to that.

histrionicsdotzip said...

NICE. Let me know how you like it. I have not read that one, yet somehow debated it with Dr. McCorry over the summer. I lost. He's devotee of Foucauldian thought.

Did you ever get your hands on the Descartes?

Anonymous said...

^^That's me, up there. I'm a devotee of Jackassian commentary.