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Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't come back for me; don't come back at all.*

This past weekend, I came a little too close to letting someone from my past back into my life. It didn't happen, but it did trigger some thinking. He's a cool guy and all, in the way that we all have our good points. He's hilarious and has great taste in music (for the most part). But he's not good for me. I don't think he knows much about how to value other people, and I'm too old to be teaching old dogs that kind of new trick. It's kinda funny; I used to think of him as being so wise and mature. Nah. Just several years older and carefully selfish. No, while I enjoy chatting with him from time to time, his presence is not one I want frequently or for long stretches. I doubt he'll ever be really good for any woman, and I know he's not good for this one. So I'm really, really glad that we didn't end up hanging.

I'm learning more about value every day, and what it's like to be valued, slowly and surely and deservedly, based on my real merits and quirks rather than a catch-that-butterfly! feeling.

Wanna know something about sudden lightning? It's painful and unpredictable, and it's over before you know what the hell just happened. I'm getting to really dig the cloudless sky I'm looking at. You can do a lot with that kind of weather, and at the end of the day, you're still smiling.

P.S. Several topic-posts on the way.

* Every now and then, a pop song can kinda rule.

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