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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simple as this, I'm in love with the risk, I know what I've done, but tell me what did I miss?

This week has brought a few big changes, all good but one. The good first:

I've committed to a school for the next year. It seems smartest to finish up at Northeast. It's close, it's cheap, and it's only a year.

I've enrolled and am officially a student again!!! Yaaaaay! Classes start in about three weeks. I'm so excited, I can't sit still.

The not-so-great: I also decided that moving north is not in my best interest at this time. And really, in all likelihood, I'll be transferring to U of Memphis once I'm through at Northeast. I know Memphis, I love Memphis, I have friends in Memphis, and my family will still be close enough for regular visits. Now, it's entirely possible that I may change my mind about Memphis over the next year...but I kind of doubt it, and it's not fair for anyone to put anything on hold while I work toward the point where I need to decide anything. In light of that decision and all the common sense I'm actually capable of tapping into, the manfriend and I have agreed that it's best to not continue a relationship. That sucks. It's been a very successful relationship. But this had to be done. Having him in my life has changed my life for the better, and I'm so thankful for the great time we had. We have no intention of halting communication, and I look forward to being even closer friends.

So there's that. In other news, I'm legitimately tan for the first time in years, things are finally smoothing over with BC, and I've recently acquired a new Scrabble buddy: a local engineer with the best vocabulary I've encountered in this town.

Megan and Brandon are super excited about my going back to school, and I think there will be karaoke in Memphis this weekend to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

I am soooo excited for you! Oh, you are going to LOVE being in the classroom environment. Be ballsy and speak your mind. The kids around you won't mind - they're happy to have someone redirect the heat.

Nutrition - I know that's your thang. Journalism, though, I'm a bit surprised at. I'd like to hear more about this decision.