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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh, yeah? Well, I'm starting a petition to make Jennifer Nettles illegal. Federally.

Every inbox I regularly check (ok, both inboxes I regularly check: hotmail and FB) are flooded with forwards asking me to tack my name onto an embarrassing, misspelled, inflammatory "petition". The goal? To make felonious the failure to report a child missing, in a timely manner.

Yeah, I choked on my coffee, too. This lump of well-meaning but completely tretarded hogwash is snowballing and now hurtling across the interwebs at an alarming pace, getting folks all excited and rowdy. More importantly, I'm getting alerts on my phone every time someone emails or messages me this drivel, or every time I'm "invited" to "Help Us Make Caylee's Law Real!"

I'm no more pleased about the Anthony trial than most people. IMHO, the prosecution eschewed a solid, winnable manslaughter or negligent homicide charge and went instead for whole-hog: capital murder. A fine media circus, but then there's that much more pressure on a juror to make damn sure there's enough evidence to back up that charge before sending a woman to Death Row. The jurors did their jobs. The prosecution gambled on all or nothing. They got the latter.

And joining the throng of people who are failing to see that and choosing to talk smack about the jurors, are the people who are forwarding this annoying pseudo grass-roots plea for new legislation, without considering how incredibly specific said legislation would have to be, what a pain in the lawmaking ass it would be to make it happen, and the myriad ways such a law could be twisted and abused.

I don't expect too much to come from this. But I don't want the aggravation in my inbox. And I'm not leaving my porch light on, either, unless someone explains to me how it will change anything other than my utilities bill.


Anonymous said...

Imma send you here and here.

sarah saint said...

People just ain't no good, PT.