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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lady Justice is sitting on the steps, smoking a cigarette and staring into space.

When my cousin Megan was pregnant with her son, she had a terrible nightmare. She only had it once, but its memory still bothers her. In it, her child had already been born, but had somehow gotten lost or stolen. She went completely insane and ran outside looking for him; under shrubs, inside vehicles, clawing at loose dirt. She couldn't find him and she knew it had driven her completely mad, and she couldn't stop looking. It's the worst dream she's ever had. She says now that that's pretty much how it would go down if something happened to him today.

This afternoon, Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her two year old daughter. I'm not going to linger on this, as the people who have been interested are already aware and the ones who were not interested in the case aren't interested in its outcome, either. When the verdict was reached and announced, Megan sent me this text:

What about the decomposing tissue in the trunk? What about all the partying while her child was missing? I wouldn't be able to shower, or eat, or sleep. I'd literally walk off and search until I was dead.

That seems to be the general consensus.

I mentioned it to a friend earlier and was surprised to find that he had no opinion, and virtually no knowledge of the trial. We all have different interests, I suppose.

This morning in Silver City, MS, 60 year old Mary Grandberry was sentenced to 10 years in prison and $3,000 in fines after being convicted of sexual battery. See, she was arrested in 2004 and charged with murder. She molested her 4 month old granddaughter so brutally that the infant died of internal hemorrhaging. After seven years of the state-funded Capital Defense Group throwing up motion after motion and successfully bogging down the process, the prosecution finally allowed charge bargaining "to get it over with". So instead of Grandberry facing punishment as a monster who raped an infant to death, she gets 10 years on an assault charge.

I genuinely wish I could check out into a book sometimes and just decide to not care about the things that are actually occurring around me in the world I presently live in. But I can't.


Anonymous said...

None of us knows what happened to that child. And the mother - the media convicted her before she ever went to court. Maybe, just maybe, she didn't kill that little girl. Maybe she IS innocent, save a few misdemeanors probably dreamt up in shit-fear.

Maybe she's not. Yes there was evidence that supported an assumption that she could be guilty.

But instead of everyone being so upset about this, stop and think for a moment that maybe this IS a true execution of justice. Maybe for once, one person was spared being thrown into a life of torment for a crime they didn't commit.

And not everybody says that they wouldn't be partying, and I don't mean it in a celebratory way. Some of the general populace might attempt to approach an ordeal like that with a crate of Jack Daniels. Who knows? It's all speculation, and the only facts we have are what the media have given us.

Let the woman go on with her life. We'll never know if that heartache in her eyes is from guilt or from the terror of a mother's loss followed by a trial to determine whether you killed your own offspring.

I mean, you know? STFU, America! It's not American Idol - you can't text in your vote!

Ugh, I get so aggrivated. I should stop before I write a rant.

sarah saint said...

I'd hate to see that rant.

"Some of the general populace might attempt to approach an ordeal like that with a crate of Jack Daniels."

Absolutely. But it's pretty standard to report the ordeal to the police before turning to hooch and entering a Hard Body contest.

I didn't linger on the subject for a reason. I know too much is open to speculation, and that most people have their minds made anyway.

This post isn't about Casey Anthony.

Anonymous said...

What's it about, then? Injustice? The person who didn't know about the trial?

Tell us.

sarah saint said...

It's about being sad that our justice sytem isn't perfect, and that two little girls died and we'll never really know what happened.