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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, it would make an artillery demonstration that much more interesting.

Dad: I almost shot your cat while you were gone.
Me: You don't have a gun.
Dad: No, I almost shot her out of a cannon.
Me: You don't have a cannon.
Dad: Yeah? I know where to get one.


histrionicsdotzip said...

I KNEW he would poop a cannon.

Called it!

sarah saint said...

You DID call it. You're clearly slykik.

What was that oboe cd he lent you eons ago? I'm thinking about replacing it for Father's day. He never reads this blog, so it's safe to discuss here.

Because a resurgence of that cd would definitely make another cannon happen.

Anonymous said...

UM...John Anderson is the oboist, I believe it was Capriccio: Classics for Oboe.

Anonymous said...

I should pay attention to whether I'm signed in as histrionicsdotzip or freudiantypo so I don't post comments from both accounts on the same thread.

Anonymous said...

Also, "she was like, bee-yotch I'ma make zombies happen!"

Name that Tamara / Sarah screenplay.

sarah saint said...

1) Thanks!
2) Meh. I'm ok with it. It looks like I have more people commenting.
3) Haaaaaaarrr!

"I only drink pink things."-Kandi
"Really? And what about you, Stuart? Busch light?"- ....oh, whatever his name was. McDouche.

sarah saint said...

...McVee? McBee?

This is going to drive me bonkers til I can go home and tear into that folder.