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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In 12 days...

I will be on a plane to Chicago, where museums, boat rides, unfamiliar architecture, and the guy I'm stupid for await. We've discussed several places I can go to amuse myself during the day while he's at work, and of course I plan to spend some time here so I can get my nerdy on and be even more jealous of his job than I already am. (Seriously, Universe. You present me with a fella who's into history AND books at the same time. Good form. I owe you a cake or something.) We've also discussed several places we can go in the evenings. I have quite a hankering to see this:

...perhaps after we go to the swanky French restaurant he was telling me about.

I think the black taffeta 50's cocktail dress will do just beautifully.


Foz the Hook said...

Not swanky. Charming little neighborhood bistro. Still a nice place for the double breasted charcoal, especially when complimented by a stunning date in a vintage black dress.

sarah saint said...

Snazzy! We'll be quite the handsome pair. Or the biggest dorks in the joint. I'm happy either way.