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Sunday, April 10, 2011

That was unexpected.

And I'm digging it.

I'm about to become very well acquainted with Orbitz, I think. I'm also about to have my world rocked by a new city. My only impressions of Chicago are based on John Hughes movies. I'll be up there for a visit at the end of May, and I absolutely cannot wait. Oh, I love going to new cities. New faces, new food, new everything. Then I get to come back to Corinth and feel impossibly cool and metro.

According to Google, it's a 9-10 hour drive. OR, I can shell out $200-$250 and take an hour and a half flight out of Memphis. Clearly, that's a much more attractive option. More time to explore and, you know, see the guy I'm crazy about.

I'm trying to contain these butterflies...but I'm pretty damn happy.

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