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Monday, November 08, 2010

Totally getting some OJ and a z-pack on my lunch.

Silver lining update: strep gets you out of social events you really didn't wanna do. At least it feels like strep, but I do work with the public and it's flu season. My throat's so swollen I can barely speak and my fever's high enough to make me feel all swimmy.

I really wish the things I imagine would sometimes really happen. Example: that all my coworkers suddenly start dancing their way through their duties in a synchronized manner to "Sixteen Tons."

Since catching any kind of sickness could literally kill my grandmother, I'm staying at Brandon's again tonight. He feels bad about being so harsh yesterday (even though he's totally right), and has promised to do a Redbox run and make me dinner. So as soon as I get out of work, I'm driving over there, pounding some Nyquil, and shaking this.

Tracey's sick, too. We've begun a plague.

In other news, last night Brandon and I viewed the Night of the Demons remake (starring Edward Furlong and Shannon Elizabeth *snicker*) and Kick-Ass, which he had seen and I hadn't.

NotD: soooo fun. A lot glossier and slicker than the original, of course, and it's impossible to take Shannon Elizabeth seriously in any capacity. Some of the darkness that made the original memorable in a stream of early 80's horror is definitely lost, but there are a few stellar gross-outs and a couple really good pieces of comedic dialougue. It's a little better than the run-of-the-mill slasher we've gotten used to in recent years, and if you go into it knowing what it is, you'll really enjoy it.

Kick-Ass: Oh, my Zod. This was so better than I thought it would be! I'm not sure what I was expecting. But it was pretty clever and it made me want to put on a cape. Nic Cage is a guy I take with a grain of salt sometimes (see: Knowing), but I appreciated his turn in this movie. I mean, his heart was obviously in it. This is a dude who named his real-life son after a DC Comics character, (yeah, I know, Kick-Ass is published by Marvel. That's not the point.) which I can respect, even if I think he could have picked a better name from those pages...Alan Scott has a nice "El" or "Al" sound without veering into ridiculous, for example, and people would totally get the reference, right? But I guess he's ok with little Kal-El taking some guff on the playground. I digress. I was particularly impressed with Chloe Moretz, who got more game in one nunchuck than I got...anywhere. Overall, I really enjoyed it, and I'm not even irritated about them recycling John Murphy's kickass (hehe) score from 28 Days Later. In fact, I'm glad I was reminded about it, because I had taken it off my iPod and I want it back on now.

That's it. I'm gonna sit still for awhile so I don't pass out. This fever is downright trippy.

It's strep. Tracey went to the doc and confirmed. So yeah, I'm going to the clinic as soon as I get out of here to get a shot. Then I'm going to Brandon's, who still works at the hospital and doesn't mind being exposed to my germs.

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