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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Go home, it's over.

Make my blood pump 7-8-9
make my heart beat double time
Now, I'm the only sour cherry on your fruitstand, right?
-The Kills, Sour Cherry

This weekend I have been in Huntsville, Memphis, rage, concern, giddiness, two bars, a butcher shop, a comics haven, and a movie theater. I have been pursued by a man I don't like and a man I do. I have had one conversation with a seemingly apologetic and friendly Engineer. I have not decided how I feel about that.
It's been tiring.

Oh, and filming starts in May and Gunter wants ME to help score investors. Alrighty. He'd better let me assistant-direct. Oh, the disagreements we'll have. It'll be epic and loud and hilarious.

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