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Sunday, November 07, 2010


Fine. In light of this weekend's conversations and in trying to to avoid that icky feeling of requited lust and unrequited sweetness, I'm shopping local. I've accepted a date with ___*, a nice young man I met on Friday and who tracked me down on Facebook to ask me what kind of movies I like. I respect confidence. He's...nice. I don't know much about him yet, and I'm trying not to write him off based solely on the fact that he's really, really into sports. You never know!

I just can't wait on anyone anymore. And Brandon's right: I set myself up for impossible situations so I don't have to invest much. It's a defense mechanism that doesn't work, because I still get hurt.

Regarding BC, the most important thing is to maintain our friendship.

Regarding all the activity and projects and side projects, Brandon's right on that, too. And so is Tamara...ok, we're all in agreement that I need to slow down a bit. Because a lot of what I do isn't because I'm that interested.

*Name removed for privacy. And because I'm kinda embarassed about it now.

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