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Monday, October 25, 2010

That was uncalled for.

For the first time in months, the Hag made an appearance. About 3AM, it was. I was falling asleep on the couch, on my side, facing the back. I heard her come up behind me, but she was different this time. She kind of shuffled...and then I felt her hand on the back of my neck. My eyes were open and I was struggling to move, and since it had been so long, I didn't immediately recognize what was going on and I was trying to scream. Then I heard her right next to my ear. She's never spoken before, so that totally threw me. She had a rough, black woman's voice, and she was hissing at me, "I'm gonna burn you!". It was very sudden and very loud. That's when I finally got my muscles working and fully woke up. I checked my phone to see what time it was. And went back to sleep, annoyed.

I must have been pretty scared, because Grandma said she had heard something in the living room that sounded like a muffled tea kettle. Which is what I sound like when that happens and I try to scream, I've just never heard it described so accurately. It's pretty creepy. It's only happened once since the divorce, one night when I was staying at the Engineer's house. Hmm.

I blame it on the melatonin, staying up too late, and having been WORKING ON THE OLD HAG STORY right before I went to bed. Kind of a no-brainer. And I'm actually kinda glad she showed up, because it reminded me how scary my story needs to be. The talking...that's new. Glad she shared that.

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