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Friday, October 29, 2010

Party on, Wayne.

Creeping out of my mourning and moving into my weekend.

Last night, Brandon and I went to an educational presentation about bats on Shiloh park, where I got to hold several preserved bats. Taxidermy-preserved, not floating-in-formeldahyde. It was good, clean pre-Halloween fun, and it was free. It was excellently presented by Marcus, one of the cooler rangers at Shiloh.

Tonight, I'm going with Brandon, his manfriend, and our buddy Rachel to a haunted house within a haunted house. You read that correctly. Back during the War of Northern Aggression, Col. Fielding Hurst was, according to popular retelling, a bad man who killed lots of people Nero-style and now his house is crazy haunted. In a nutshell. The Hurst Mansion and its cemetary have always been regarded as probably full of spooks and thus always attract tourists around Halloween, but this year the owners are actually staging a full on haunted house to raise money for restoration. Sweet.

Tomorrow night I'm heading to Memphis to see Megan and Co.

Party on, Wayne.

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