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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh, and...

Speaking of reviewing last night's texts:

1) __ is still an insufferable perv.But you kinda can't help but like the big lug.
2) Megan is one of the top five funniest people in the entire world. That girl seriously makes me bray with laughter. And Anthony had me in stitches yesterday; his humor is just like his mom's. Exactly. At the circus yesterday, we saw six sheepdogs driving a miniature firetruck. Anthony looked over at me and cackled wildly at the same moment Megan leaned over to me and said "Did you see those dogs fighting for the wheel??"
3) American Aquarium is going to be taking a day off next week...in Tupelo. Aaaaand of course, since BC isn't back on the road until after Christmas, he will not be taking that day off with them. A tragic turn of events that makes me feel like recreating the scene in ED2 where Ash realizes the bridge is out and does that epic "WHY?" bellow next to his car.
4) Every ounce of my being is naysaying relationships at the moment. Good thing I'm so damn good at entertaining myself. Fact is, this year has worn me out, and I'd rather be lonesome than stressing. I still have total faith that the Universe will bring the other half of my own binary star my way. It's just not going to be this quarter, because I wouldn't recognize or want that star even if it tapped me on the shoulder. So Im going to continue not doing any serious dating.

TB...do you happen to remember the beautiful HJ song you penned awhile back? I'm trying to find it.


histrionicsdotzip said...

1) I miss Megan. She was truly one of the most hilarious people on the planet.

B. What song?!? HJ?? Why isn't HJ ringing any bells to me? Harajuku? Honkey Jig?

III. I still have your dad's oboe CD. AND I'M NEVER GIVING IT BACK! BAHAHA!

sarah saint said...
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