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Saturday, October 23, 2010


So last night I was supposed to go to the Tupelo Underground Horror Film Festival and hang with Gunter, but as I trudged through the front door upon getting home from work, I realized I was absolutely beat. It's been a long week, full of frustrations and miscommunications and new systems to learn, and all I wanted to do was put on my pj's.

So I did.

It was fantastic. I donned my favorite Halloween pajama pants with the little dancing scaredy-cats, and spent the evening reading, watching ghost shows, sipping hot tea, and texting with Megan about educational fare such as Freaky Eaters and Paranormal State. I was asleep by 1130 and I woke up smiling and full of energy. Good thing, since I had to get up and immediately get to work filling bags for this years Grand Illumination. Throughout historic downtown, 12,000 luminary candle bags are placed to honor the 12,000 casualties of the Battle of Corinth. It's Dad's baby, and now it's this big thing. All the downtown shops stay open late, and there are carriage rides and all sorts of goodness. Pretty sweet.

And now I'm heading to Memphis to take Anthony to the circus with Megan.

Back to full speed!

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