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Friday, October 29, 2010

Not veering from this.

"Somebody's Baby" by Jackson Browne is my new favorite song of all time.

In other news, since I'm not gonna hang out in a dragon-guarded castle and give my heart to the knight who rescues me (rescue me from what?...and I have things to do!) and because I like to make things even more difficult for myself, I've decided on my own 21st century version of a "must" list. First guy who:

makes me belly-laugh
makes me think
appreciates my love of horror movies
shows interest in my fiction writing
is really, really into food
doesn't say he can fix my car when he really can't
doesn't get anxious about silence
would probably have relations with Jimmy Page just on principle
can tolerate my penchant for folk and bluegrass
gets really excited about anything geekily paranormal
can be part of a relationship without losing himself
doesn't expect me to lose myself either
references Jackson Browne in ordinary conversation
doesn't wait until conditions are favorable to tell me he's nuts about me
is chill but not patronizing
gets that sometimes i eschew deep in favor of zoning out in front of the tv
gets my humor. this one is huge.
can dig a really well timed high-five
likes to read. this one's huge.
doesn't have a problem with monogamy. (this one is probably the biggest. I'm a one-
man woman. I require a one-woman man. Not up for negotiation.)
can handle unflinching honesty.
will be unflinchingly honest.
will never, ever let me wonder where I stand with him.
will never, ever dress up as an animal in an erotic capacity...


And if he's a crazy-good kisser, that helps. You generally know the first time you kiss someone if there's something workable or not. If it's good stuff, you feel like it's making your body blush.

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