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Monday, May 10, 2010

Maybe it was Memphis.

This weekend was...nuts.

To make it as brief as possible:

Saturday, Michael and I started texting and by the afternoon it was evident that we would be seeing each other that night. Megan really wanted to go to Raiford's but I wasn't so much into that idea, especially with Michael as an option. Keith ended up vetoing Raiford's anyway, so I wound up at Mulligan's with the engineer. It was great. I was worried it would be kinda weird, but it wasn't, at all. We both remarked on how good it felt and how comfortable it was. I stayed the night with him (yes, like that) and it was wonderful. We talked a little about how things had gone wrong, and as always, he pulled no punches.

I hope I'm not misreading his intentions. And I hope he's not misreading mine; I'm NOT trying to reopen our relationship. I'm not in that state I let myself fall into. And he's right, of course; I am better than my previous behavior. I know he's trepidatious about this. And I wish I had a way to let him know that it's not like it was, and that I just want to take everything slow. Slow and as normal as we're capable of being.

As long as his eyes crinkle at the corners when he smiles, I think I can forgive him damn near anything.

*Update: found out later he had a titled girlfriend the night this all went down. What a moron I've been. And what a bigger one he is.

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