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Monday, April 19, 2010




I've been wanting to move closer to Memphis for some time now. I just didn't think it would happen so soon. Dad's put in for several hardship transfers out west, and it's just a matter of time. I don't want to go with them and I don't want to get stuck in Corinth, so... to Memphis. I'll be applying for a transfer to a Hernando branch. I think I can afford a passingly decent apartment in midtown by myself, but I'm ok with having a roommate if it means a better/safer place. Apparently Memphis is a dangerous place, and everyone and their ___ keeps telling me. Yeesh. Like I haven't heard. I know its dangerous. But I'll be alright. I'm very smart, and where smartness doesn't play a role, there's pepper spray, and I'm totally getting a big dog if I can manage to rent a house instead of an apartment.

I'm so excited and nervous. I'll be completely on my own. The safety net of my parents will be removed. It'll be...just me. *squeal* In Memphis, a city I have loved for years. I love its vitality and self-awareness and heartbeat. It's something that's missing in so many big cities. I love that I can find really good live music any night of the week, that I can see Megan any time I want, that I'm not limited to McAllister's or McDonald's when I want to eat out. Indian, Thai, Japanese...it's all there, the city itself satisfying my taste buds and my desire for something new, something different, and still offering me the comfort of familiarity when I need it. I wish everyone could see it like I do.

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