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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A general recap.

Points of interest:

*Valentine's was fantastic. Michael and I went out to Huey's, where I had never been. There was the option of getting dolled up and going somewhere fancy, but it didn't appeal to either of us and I've been craving a burger. So that's what we did. Then we went to a bar for a few beers, and then met up with Megan and Keith at Hooter's for fried pickles and more beer. On the ride home, I fell in love with Unkle. Back at the house, there was Bernie Mac and lovin' (not at the same time). All in all, a great evening. The next morning, we went out to Perkin's for breakfast with his mom and dad. His mom asked me to be her flea-market buddy. (Aww!)It was my first time meeting his dad, but I think he liked me. He's kinda hard to read, but he did give me bacon off his own plate after the waitress forgot mine. That's gotta be a good sign, right? A man giving up bacon? When we got back from breakfast, Michael fixed my brakes and my taillight. While he was at Autozone, I talked with his mom for awhile. We fawned over decorator catalogs and discovered that both she and my mother have a thing about collecting glassware. Neat. When the car was fixed, Michael and I napped and stuff. It was divine.

*There is a new position open in my company that I've been encouraged to apply for. It's basically a floater position, where I would go between the four Corinth branches, filling in as needed for people who are on vacation and such. When no one is on vacation, I'll have a home base. I won't be just a teller, but also a financial services rep, which means that I'll handle the opening and maintenance of accounts, including CDs, IRAs, etc. I think it sounds great. It gets pretty slow at this little drive through and I think I would be happier with more to do and more responsibility. The raise doesn't hurt, either. So I applied and HR told me I'll know something by the end of the week. I really hope I get it. If I do, I'll have a week of FSR training at the headquarters in Jackson, MS. That's where I did my teller training back in October, and I absolutely loved it. That week was wonderful. Part of it was being able to get away and kinda pretend I was single. Not whoring it up or anything. Just getting out of class and exploring the city, taking my sweet time about eating Indian food or sushi, and taking as long as I damn well pleased about shopping.

(About that trip. I think that was the tipping point for me. When I knew I genuinely did not want to be with Luke at all, that I was totally satisfied with being on my own and that I was happier without him around. I was considering all this on the 5 hour drive home, during which time we got into a fight. We kinda made up, and I got home to find...nothing. Now, this stung. This was the first time I had made this kind of solo trip (other than to California, and that's totally different since I go to visit family). It was a big deal to me. So was the drive home through a huge thunderstorm system, which he knows terrifies me. So I get home tired and a little rattled and he barely glances up from his video game. The house is an absolute wreck. Then he has the nerve to ask me about dinner. Seriously. He should have planned that shit. Even if we were just gonna go to Pizza Hut. Honestly, a real husband would have maybe straightened a little and had dinner taken care of. But he wasn't a real husband, and I wasn't a real wife, and his attitude toward my homecoming showed me that he didn't give any more of a damn about being away from me than I did about being away from him. We separated two weeks later. )

*Last night I was driving out in Farmington and I happened upon a litter of puppies that had been dumped on the side of the road. I turned around and went back. Of course, the car was long gone, but the puppies were still there. They were pretty skittish and I could only catch one. I brought him back to the house. Now I'm concocting a scheme to keep him. His working title is Larry. I kinda wanted to name him Jack because he has a white stripe on his nose, but Jack is one of the names I'm considering for a future human son. I've always liked that name.

*Dad's lecture on the Holly Springs raid went very well. I learned a lot. He's so good at what he does, so he can make any subject interesting for anyone. Most Civil War historians are as exciting as, well, accountants. But Dad makes it a story. Good stuff. There was a great turnout.

*It's supposed to be 55 on Friday. Mmmhmm. And it's 70 in Ventura today. This is going to be a difficult California visit, but at least I can sit in the sun and listen to the waves. If I close my eyes right now I can almost smell the harbor, and Aunt Linda's boat. It always smells like fresh quality coffee and a little bit like sauteed garlic. They start out every cooking adventure with it, so it makes sense.

*This grapefruit isn't going to cut it. I crave eggs. And maybe steak.

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