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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ah, Valentines.

This, the Hoodie-Footie, is being advertised on television as being comfortable, fun, and sexy.


Bwahahahahaha! Look at that thing! The only way to make this less attractive is to have that girl carry around a teddy bear.

Man. Everything about this commercial irritated me. It's worse than the other Valentine's Day commercials. It's for a company called Pajamagram, where you send your special lady gifts sets in the mail containing (you guessed it!) pajamas...and bath salts, oils, potions, etc. Direct quote: "All the spa stuff that women just love!!"
What a perfect idea for the man who has no effing clue who his woman really is. "Umm...she has a vagina. She must love overly lavender-scented cheap bath gel that will probably give her a rash and then it will sit under the bathroom counter because she doesn't want to throw it away but will never, ever use it again. She's a chick. Chicks dig that spa stuff."

No, thanks. I like my own soap and I got over gift sets sometime around eighth grade (though my ex husband was a big fan of giving them to me anyway up to and including last year...the rose-scented was particularly atrocious and eventually ate through the bottle. I don't hold it aginst him because it was hilarious.). I'm only semi- interested in jewelry because if its not on my ring finger it doesn't mean much, and I have as much use for a stuffed animal as I do for a sack of cat hair. No traditional Valentine's stuff for me. I want real things, like kisses and heartfelt words. This year, I want to go out and have some laughs with my boo and then kick it in his room and watch Family Guy in non-footed pajamas.

Chocolate's real, too. The kind with nuts and caramel. Not the kind with nougat, 'cause that's gross.

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