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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Take a load off Fanny.

I've given in. I'm broke, I'm trying to go back to school, my brakes are bad, and I can no longer resist my parents' hounding for me to move back in with them. It really, really sucks to give up my duplex. But it's just too hard financially right now. No, this is better. I'll move back in with them for awhile, get my debt paid off, save some money, start a hope chest or something. I hae no idea how long I'll stay there. But I'll have the upstairs to myself, so I think I'll move my living room furniture up there as well, make sort of a suite out of it. Then I'll just kick back and enjoy the free rent, cable, internet, etc.


This blows hard. But at least I won't have to borrow money from Michael (or anyone else). It seriously stung to tell him I'd accept it.

In other news, there's a tornado watch over Corinth and I'm going out for sushi later.

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