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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun with Texting.

Sarah: Ok, that's it. As of tomorrow, I'm saving up for botox.
Brandon: I don't think I want botox.
S: ....you should reconsider.
B: well my eyes just get puffy sometimes. i don't have the big wrinkle problems you have.
S: yeah. you should save for lipo instead.
(10 minutes later)
B: i would do wonderfully following in the steps of Patch Adams
S: get an eyepatch, man.
B: huh?
S: wear the eyepatch. the funky, funky eyepatch.
B: no idea
S: nothing. why do you say this about patch adams?
B: i think i would be good at helping
S: word. you can help me clean out my car tomorrow.
B: i mean as a doctor
S: you have to have a certificate or something for that
B: its my calling
S: then why did you get an art degree?
B: we're gonna have to talk later. when you're not a bitch.

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