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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fun With Texting.

S: I think "wharf rat" is my new favorite phrase. ever.
B: "Wharf rat" is not a phrase, darling.
S: Then I'll make it one.
B: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, have you had a break today, archeologists do it in the dirt..phrases. wharf rat...not a phrase.
S: Ok not a phrase. You know what I meant. It's fun to say.
B: Is your head on good this morning?
S: You're a bitch today.
B: You're a mentally handicapped meth addict today.
S: ugh. nevermind.
B: The point is...that's a nickname, or an insult or, when separated by a comma, a direct order...but not a phrase lol
S: You're just tacking on the "lol" to soften the blow. I don't need your pity. Aaand I'm listening to Tom Petty and you just made me miss the best part of American Girl. Jerk.
B: it's not my fault your ears stop working when you text. just like when you're driving, you can hear the music just fine but don't hear me say "hey look at that house" until five minutes down the road.
S: Enough.
B: Enough what?
S: Enough of this abuse. I shant take it any longer.
B: Woman ye have nah sin the half of the abuse thats comin to ye.
B: Now that's abuse.
S: Abuse is what I did to your mom last night.
B: Ok that's good.
S: Unlike your mom. But she'll learn. She's smart, that one. Just gotta get her broke in.
B: I have to work.

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