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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rainy Days.

Well, shit has it been an emotionally draining week. It's finally calming down. There was some enormously stupid and painful marital drama yesterday, but it's ok now. Studying for finals and completing the take-home tests were excruciating but as of last night, that shit's over until next semester. Yeah, I said the take-home tests were excruciating. My history teacher is downright sadistic with his take-homes. I'd much rather take an in-class, hands down, any day. At least then the test material is basically terms and stuff we've talked about in class. Take-homes are super long and never, ever anything we've talked about in class. And you know how awesome take-homes are so easy you can find all the answers in three seconds just by knowing how to use an index? Not his. It's comprehensive, so you can't just know what the points of Wilson's Fourteen Point Plan are; you've gotta understand that shit, and the causes and effects and implications. There's a reason our final exam was a take-home. Anyway, it's done with and I'm sitting here in a darkened computer room, swilling black coffee and lazily going back and forth between writing on one of my stories and googling Ed and Lorraine Warren. Yup. Tomorrow I'm going to the main campus to enroll for summer courses, and I've got a ton of errands to run, grocery shopping, a tanning bed to jump into, and a spa treatment to schedule and then this weekend I'm going to finally get my yard sale stuff ready to go now that it's the right season. But today, I'm cool to just sit here and listen to the pouring rain and be thankful for my husband, my family, my awesome friends who keep me up when I feel like crashing... and the internet.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything's back to normal. I had a feeling it would be. Your father is a wise man.

Love ya, girl.

theogeo said...

Lordy, kid. I haven't talked to you in a month of Sundays. Once again I think you, me, and PT had shitty shittiness at the same time. Fucking lunar cycles, yeesh.

Call me sometime if you'd like to chat!

Jennifer & Co. said...

I am nearly equally relieved and disappointed that I am not going through the finals crisis that you are... Isn't that the best feeling though; that its DONE?