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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good times and great oldies.

I'm sitting down in a house and there is nothing going on right at this moment.

*glances around uneasily*

Yeah. Feels weird. I've been in constant motion lately. Good motion, though:

-Last Saturday, Tamara bravely made the (so we thought) 14 hour drive from Buffalo to Corinth. The actual trip took nearly 20 hours, however, something we havn't yet been able to figure out, especially since she made the return trip in about 14. I stayed up through the duration of the trip here with her, periodically calling and texting and generally trying to keep her awake. She arrived, exhausted but cheerful, and we crashed for a few hours before heading to Memphis later that night to hang with Lindsey. As stated on Lindsey's blog, we crammed as much Memphis and Memphian food as we possibly could into our brief stay. We rode around downtown on the trolley and took a bunch of pictures (and of course they have posted theirs but I have not yet posted mine because I'm LAME), and then went to Quetzal for yummy ice-cream shakes. A hilarious re-telling of the hijinks there may be found here. Tamara and I headed back to Corinth on Sunday afternoon after dining with LT on some sinfully delicious cheese enchiladas and xongos (basically deep-fried cheesecake, a.k.a. orgasm on a plate). We got a little lost on the way back (don't ask; I still don't understand it) and TB rolled on to Savannah to chill with her familia. It was a short visit with my favorite ladies in the world, but an excellent one. You guys are da bomb and I had way more fun in less than 24 hours than I've had in months. Thanks.

-After running errands and doing domestic stuff like trying AGAIN to find the right person to go Frau Blucher on regarding the fuck-up of the stimulus check I was supposed to have already recieved, I packed another bag and drove down to Huntsville to spend the week with Jessica and her husband, Allen. Am I running from something, you ask? I don't know. I wondered that myself, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is. Granted, I'm lonely as all hell and was bummed about not being able to spend more time with PT and LT, but nothing really set me over the edge into a frenzied road-tripping mood (which has still not been sated). And not that driving from Corinth to Huntsville is much of a road trip. Hmmm. It's like a trial run. What I really want to do is just pile all my comfy jeans, my music, and my harmonica into my car and set sail (set tire? set wheel?) for the west coast, writing my ass off whenever I stop moving. And yeah, I said harmonica. I'm learning, ok? And ya'll aren't allowed to make fun of me. I'm not sitting at a campfire, watching tumbleweeds. I just like the sound. And it's a lot less likely to get damaged than the viola I've decided to start playing again.

-ANYWAY, so I arrived at Jessie and Allen's and we began dicussing plans for the week. I asked about shows and whatnot in and around Huntsville, and Allen reminded me that I had told them a couple weeks before that American Aquarium was supposed to be playing near them sometime toward the end of May. A quick Myspace check confirmed that they were playing in Sheffield that night, and Allen, being as big a fan as I am, issued a "hell yeah". So we went to the show. I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about the show or the band, as my feelings are pretty plain in the post below. They rock. That's all I got.

-Spent the next couple days exploring Huntsville and praying to whoever is listening that I wouldn't run into my Ex. You know how everyone has that big Ex with a capital "E", the one you inexplicably can't hate 100% even though you know you'd probably be justified in arson because they're just that evil? Well mine is in Huntsvillle. Anyway, I didn't run into him, which is almost as big a miracle as the fact that I didn't get mowed down navigating crazy Alabama roads.

-Then...oh, then. Friday, Jessie and I dragged Allen to go see the Sex and the City movie. Let me just be still for a second. *sigh* Ok. It was perfect. I wouldn't have changed anything. Well, one thing. At the end when the credits rolled, I would have used the same credit-roll music that the series used on every episode. But that's it. I faithfully watched every episode of that show. I laughed when Samantha incorporated a chair and a bed simultaneously, and when Miranda flashed the wrong neighbor. I cried when Big shattered Carrie's heart-every time. I felt sick when Big married Natasha. I sniffled when Steve finally got through to Miranda and she realized that maybe she can believe. I totally choked up when Smith shaved his head for Samantha when she had to have chemo. And I bawled like a four-year old when Charlotte and Harry finally got their baby. I am invested in these characters. So I was understandably terrified that a movie version would only serve to fuck up perfection. IT DIDN'T. I can't imagine a better way to end it. I feel like I'm actually saying goodbye this time, but it's ok. We're all just moving on, girls.

-Now I'm back home, checking my Blogger and email and Myspace via a real desktop computer rather than my Crackberry, and I'm feeling tired and lazy.

But not so exhausted that I'm not starting another trip on Wednesday ;)

P.S. Can we please contact the visual department and see if we can't nail down a shot of someone actually writing their ass off? Do I know anyone who can draw, say, comics?

American Aquarium: an open letter I won't send.

Dear American Aquarium:

I have been driving a lot recently, and it has come to my attention that no other band quite satisfies my needs concerning road music as well as you do. Your tracks are sing-able, blare-able, and I find that they will keep me awake when highway hypnosis threatens. I relate to several of your songs, and the ones I don't...well, they're super anyway. At the show I attended this past week, I purchased the two new CDs and have found them quite to my liking. I'm particularly impressed with the uncluttered simple beauty of the Bones EP. Seriously, guys...keep making me sniffle, 'cause I can't get enough. I guess that sounds insensitive. It's not like I'm hoping BJ Barham will continue having reasons to write such pretty, heartbreaking lyrics. Luckily, you guys are equally adept at creating rollicking, upbeat tracks that have me wanting to kick my heels up and swill a brewsky...I do neither, though, because as stated, I'm driving. But I totally drum along on my steering wheel.

That's all I got. Keep up the good work, fellas. You make me wish I liked whisky.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Password Drama.

Ok, the passwords have gotten rifreakindiculous. I know it's completely randomized, but I'm paranoid by nature and I can't help but sometimes feel, just a little bit, that Blogger is somehow discriminating against my ISP or something. Or me specifically. Like everyone else is getting passwords like "dsaf" and I have "wkffeweeret".

I wish, oh how I wish, that the blog writer could choose a list of passwords for certain people. My best pals would get gems like "chdesnffer".

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rainy Days.

Well, shit has it been an emotionally draining week. It's finally calming down. There was some enormously stupid and painful marital drama yesterday, but it's ok now. Studying for finals and completing the take-home tests were excruciating but as of last night, that shit's over until next semester. Yeah, I said the take-home tests were excruciating. My history teacher is downright sadistic with his take-homes. I'd much rather take an in-class, hands down, any day. At least then the test material is basically terms and stuff we've talked about in class. Take-homes are super long and never, ever anything we've talked about in class. And you know how awesome take-homes are so easy you can find all the answers in three seconds just by knowing how to use an index? Not his. It's comprehensive, so you can't just know what the points of Wilson's Fourteen Point Plan are; you've gotta understand that shit, and the causes and effects and implications. There's a reason our final exam was a take-home. Anyway, it's done with and I'm sitting here in a darkened computer room, swilling black coffee and lazily going back and forth between writing on one of my stories and googling Ed and Lorraine Warren. Yup. Tomorrow I'm going to the main campus to enroll for summer courses, and I've got a ton of errands to run, grocery shopping, a tanning bed to jump into, and a spa treatment to schedule and then this weekend I'm going to finally get my yard sale stuff ready to go now that it's the right season. But today, I'm cool to just sit here and listen to the pouring rain and be thankful for my husband, my family, my awesome friends who keep me up when I feel like crashing... and the internet.