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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stuffy stuffy stuff stuff.

1) I'm approaching the end of the semester, and all the teachers have collectively ganged up on all the students, beating our asses with take-home tests, quizzes, and essays, all of which require a ridiculous amount of studying. So if I seem difficult to get in touch with, it's because I'm in a (mental) deep, dark underground dungeon where everything is chained but the hand I'm using to scribble notes by candlelight. And I have long, gray hair.

2) OMGWTF, HECK YES! AMBRE WON!!!! Daisy=pwned.

3) Yahoo Messenger is the world's greatest invention. Specifically, the utilization of a headset/mic/webcam, so's ladies in places like Mississippi can hear and see their fellas in places like Iraq, for free. The headset is really cool. When I wear it I feel like the wisecracking techie in an action movie. So I get to say things like "That's why you should listen to me" and "This is not good".

4) Anyone hear ever read any Chuck Klosterman? Because I'm reading Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, and I'm pretty sure that he and I have got to be related. Or at least I hope we are.


theogeo said...

Klosterman book a couple of months ago and thought it was pretty good. There was something slightly unsettling about it, though. Something that made me want to cock back and punch him at all times. Maybe his casual references to all the times he's gotten laid? I dunno, it just seemed nerdily braggy, which I guess is the point.

Anyhoo, I pored over the major questions he poses later in the book. Some of them are serious mind-breakers.

Let's have a book-club-like discussion once you're done, k?

Also, good luck with the end-of-semester shenanigans.

theogeo said...

Whoa! Lost a few crucial parts of speech up there. "I read the" is how the post should start.

I'm new to the internet.

sarah saint said...

Let's have a book-club-like discussion once you're done, k?


Anonymous said...

What is book?

casey said...

Ok so is the girl who one the slutty one in hte pink top or the innocent looking girl? Do tell! Good luck with everything else! Uh I guess Ill put some in put on the book im reading its called the strong willed child I guess no one is into that yet ;) Ahhh the joys of being a parent , the book is really good though , when you have kids Ill let you borrow it!

sarah saint said...

Heh. The one who won is the sweet-looking one. The sluttly looking one is Daisy. She went home.

Beauty and the Blog said...

The Daisy got plucked.