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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's time.

Daisy? Ambre?
Whassa goin' on??

We're down to the final two. Tonight, we will see which lady Bret chooses to stay and Rock His World(TM). I could pretend that I'm not chomping at the bit, but I think that the existence of this post would eradicate that pretense. I also think that the existence of this post is going to eradicate any pretense of my not being a hopelessly socially inept geek. But that's ok. I'm in good company.


theogeo said...

Well ...

who won?!?!

Beauty and the Blog said...

According to the pictures... he had a choice between a lady who looks like she could get down... or a lady who can't keep anything down...anything, save her I.Q.