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Friday, April 11, 2008


I've been staying at my parents' house a lot recently. I have my own bedroom, bathroom, and amnemities there. No one ever uses my bathroom. So last night I was sitting on the back porch, smoking and noting cautiously that the storm seemed to be weakening. I stubbed out my cigarette and went inside with the intention of using the bathroom and then calling a friend back. A particularly creepy part of a story I'm writing was on my mind, and I was thinking of this as I opened the bathroom door upon a naked, yelling woman. My heart jumped up into my nose and I jumped into the air. I screamed and made protective gestures against the flailing entity, before my brain told me that it was just my mother. My mom, who was using my shower because the shower head in her bathroom had broken. My poor, poor mom. How humiliating, not only to have someone walk in on you nkaed, but for that someone to have such a violent, horrified reaction. I mean, I was so startled that when I jumped back, I twisted my ankle, and am now limping. I explained later that I was already creeped out before I opened the door and that the very unexpected sight of a person in a place where I never see other people was quite disconcerting. I hope she got that. 'Cause I know I would just feel beastly if someone twisted an ankle trying to escape my nudity.


Anonymous said...

Aw, poor Mom. And poor Sarah's ankle!

But many lolz at your "bolted" pic! Hahahaha!

casey said...

Oh no that sucks, for the both of you! Hopefully no more incidents!;)

Beauty and the Blog said...

Thank you for posting back on mine. I got quite a bit more responses than I ever anticipated from my myspace blog. Being as I haven't posted in so long. Ya know, the scared bolt you did reminds me of two things. When I hit the coffee table in the dark doing '90 ta nuthin' and when you jumped on my back unexpectedly and...Atlas shrugged...LOL...whoo. Good stuff.