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Monday, March 31, 2008

History's Mysteries.

I've been perusing through blog archives today. A quick skim through my own (this blog will turn 2 years old this November), but mainly through others', spanning over several years. A lot of the entries made me laugh out loud. Some stung a little. Some made me very pensive, just staring into space, sitting at my desk with my chin propped in one hand and thinking. It's interesting to me to go back and read these day-to-day records of things my friends have done and gone through and felt, and to see them as the people they were before I even knew them more than peripherally or when we were on the outs or when we had just lost touch for awhile. To see, as much as a blog can allow, some of the things that shaped them into the people whose company I so enjoy now. What amazing women I know.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you sweet. Let me just say that I admire your grace in this situation. I now know how LT must have felt when I emailed her about the "birthday night" post - like she'd been kicked in the gut. She had probably forgotten all about it. And I dredged it up because I ran across it for the first time and felt stung, too. A blog is not something that should be used to vent your emotional issues.

Anyway, lovely post, and I hope that you ran across something in MY blog that made you laugh, at least enough to counteract what made you feel like shit.


theogeo said...

Y'all gon' make me cry. In a good way. In an Oprah way.

Anonymous said...

Pollsters report that Ellen is now more popular than Oprah, as far as daytime viewing goes. In your face, Oprah! You'd better watch your ass!