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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Noteworthy, in Sarah's world:

1) Made a trip to Memphis this past weekend to visit with Lindsey. We had a great time. And went to Voodoo Village! I'd really like to jazz this up, but the only people who read this blog also read Lindsey's blog, so you've likely already read all about it and gotten the willies over the freaky, freaky pics. (You have to say "freaky, freaky" in Jemaine-as-Bowie style.)

2) Have rededicated myself (this morning) to vegansim. I fell off track for, oh, about three weeks, during which time I consumed enough animal to last about a year. To re-motivate myself, I'm re-reading Skinny Bitch. Excellent book. I haven't yet encountered anything that can so effectively make me feel fat and gluttonous but yet still fill me with hope.

3) Luke's supposed to be getting a pass!!!!!!!! *squeal* The word from the FRG (that's Family Readiness Group, for you civilians) is that the guys will be granted leave from the 21st to the 25th and that they can go to Philadelphia or Atlantic City (or wherever, as long as they stay within a certain mile radius of the base). We're in agreement to stay in Philly, since that's the nearest airport I can fly into anyway, and HELLO, it's Philadelphia! Like, the same Philadelphia the founding fathers hung out in. It's also the same Philadelphia that I've never been to. So while a majority of our time will undoubtedly be spent indoors, there will be some sight-seeing going on. Perhaps now is an excellent time to purchase that new camera. I'm getting so excited about this trip. Can't wait to see my honey!

4) I'm also re-reading The Witching Hour, which is taking me forfrickinever between work, school, homework, visiting in-laws, ghost-hunting, filing my taxes, and planning a trip. But it's every bit as awesome as it was the last time I read it. Just sitting down with it is like hunkering down and visiting with an old friend. A friend I find delightful and attractive, that is. I know I've got a big disappointment waiting at the end, but I just can't stop.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...you're reading Skinny Bitch? And it's "excellent"? I can't believe it. That's the last review I expected to get. From my understanding (and the Amazon book-excerpt viewer) it is a pro-ana diatribe. My recommendation would be to thrust it into a bonfire over which you barbecue a hunk of beef that died screaming (they taste better that way), but I might be a jerk, so you might want to ignore me.

sarah saint said...

it is a pro-ana diatribe

It is, indeed.

sarah saint said...

And let me clarify that by "excellent" I was in no way describing the style of writing. In fact, the style sucks. The two authors seem to equate "pottymouth" with "panache", and they're wrong. However, it is an excellent motivator for me because it forces me to talk straight to myself. They're the two friends I'm glad I don't actually have; the ones who would say things like, "You're not really going to put that in your mouth are you?" and "That's just going to make your ass bigger". Which sometimes (usually) I just need to hear.