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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

As long as we're on the subject of irrational fear.

Things that scare me, even if I can't figure out why:

1) Old Hag. I have probably spoken to both LT and PT about this. I suffer, in a very real way, from sleep paralysis. Part of my experience is the classic "old hag". I understand that there are explanations for this, but I refuse to believe that, for centuries, people have had the same/similar hallucination without there being something behind it. And it's terrifying.

2) Icebergs. For example, even though I know it's a fake, this picture makes my throat clench up. This one is truly bizarre. I know that this thing cannot possibly hurt me unless I borrow someone's plane and intentionally jump out as I'm flying over the iceberg and land on it. But it still scares me.

3) Giant kelp. Seriously. Thankfully, it's not much of a nuisance in Mississippi. But every time I go to California, I know it's out there, slowly drifting back and forth, growing a foot a day, and thinking about how it's going to wrap aound one of my limbs if I look at it.

4) Sometimes, the dark.

5) The way my teeth feel when I bite the sleeve of my sweater. And I do it anyway.

6) The Harrison house. This is a house that is currently owned by the Park Service (specifically, Shiloh). It was formerly owned by (you guess it) a family by the name of Harrison, who moved out in a big hurry due to undisclosed family stuff. They also claimed that the house was intolerably haunted. This is not speculation or tall-tale-telling. This was about six years ago, and the family actually mentioned this to some of the Park employees. The Park bought the house and let some of the archeologists stay in it during the 2003 Indian Mound excavation. Delicately speaking, at some point hell must have broken loose in this house. It is the single most creepy place I can recall being. I did my share of partying there that summer with the archys and I can say that there are some parts of the house that are horror-novel scary. For example, there were two rooms that absolutely no one would sleep in. The one upstairs because it was "too noisy", what with footsteps and a door that opened and shut on its own, and the one downstairs because you could (no joke) literally just feel something bad in there. One of the archys was a Native American who actually requested to be moved to another house because even after burning sage and taking her own religious precautions, she still felt too scared to stay. There was another bedroom downstairs that had this odd little door that led to a teeny room. Not a full closet. Just a teeny tiny room, just tall enough to sit down in. On the outside of this door were locks. And on the walls of this teeny room was crayon-scribbling and scratch marks. *shudder* Brandon even claimed to have seen something shadowy in one of the rooms. I was in Shiloh this past weekend and, for the hey of it, I drove over to the house. It hasn't been used since fall of 2003. Everything is all weedy and grown-over. There are vines all over the porch and the columns. And as soon as I started going up the steps, I felt like something was pulling me down. Not like hands or anything. Like the air around my feet turned viscous. I went and stood on one end of the porch, and it felt electric. So weird. I stepped up to the front door and tried to peer in through the clouded glass panels. I did this for a minute, and then I got the disctinct feeling that something was looking back at me. That did it for me, and I left. Now, I know how incredibly hokey that all sounds, but next time either of you ladies are in the Savannah/Saltillo/Corinth area, I'm personally hauling your ass over there to just feel that shit. PT, you said you wanted to experience something like that, well there ya go.

7)Choking. I'm terrified of choking, which is in blatant contradiction to my compulsive habit of swallowing whole bites of food/hard candy/mushrooms/brussells sprouts/etc.

8)The moment right before I open a closed shower curtain.


Anonymous said...

I'll go, but I guarantee you won't have the same experience while I'm there. I am 1000% positive that it will just feel like a normal house because when I'm around ghosts and phenomena just aren't. And never have been.

theogeo said...

Hee heee. I'm scared of closed shower curtains too. There are always weird shadows lurking.

casey said...

Ok I totally can see how your scared of all thee above and I dont think any of them are irrational! Then again this is coming from someone who is terrified of killer whales and never has seen one! ;)