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Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, I dropped Luke back off at the airport last Wednesday. Sucks, sucks, sucks. More on that over on SF.

In other news, it's a new year with new opportunities and all that jazz. My resolutions have been posted on SWL, but I'll go 'head and re-post here.

1) To not consume animal products unless there is genuinely no other option and I must eat.
2) That's too hard. Let's go with outlawing blatant meat products first, like actual beef and pork and chicken. Baby steps. Weaning.
3) To combine conscious eating with healthful exercise to acheive a truly healthy and attractive weight for my structure. Not for Naomi Watts's structure, or Angelina Jolie's structure (though my envy of her will never die), but my structure, which includes broad shoulders and wide hips and always will.
4) To present myself with a gift in the form of a boob job when this weight loss is completed. Homegirl's in a double D, and will most assuredly need a lift and possibly a reduction to prevent back problems (and to not have the bosoms of a grandmother until I am a grandmother).
5) To attend at least one semester of school.
6) To send something to my husband every day, even when I'm tired/sick/whatever, even if it's just a postcard to let him know he's still and always on my mind.
7) To pay at least 50% off my car.
8) To travel at least a couple times past the Memphis/Nashville/Huntsville radius.
9) To establish a daily routine in which I can relax, educate myself about something, go the extra mile from "Well, I'm clean and moisturized" to "I am masterfully groomed and polished", and do something entirely mindless like watching the new season of Flavor of Love . And I know I'm not the only one anticipating that last one.
10) To keep at least three of these resolutions.

So there it is. An extension of the grooming mentioned in #9 is to actually use up all of the beauty products that are already in my house before buying new ones. Seriously. I have a Victoria's Secret/Bath & Body Works bonanza in every cubby, cabinet, and closet of my house and I just keep buying more crap. So that's ending now. I've selected ONE body wash (B&BW Cinnamon Bun Heaven, because I don't like it much and want to use it up first) and coordinating lotion, ONE heavy-duty lotion for pampering nights, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, face-wash and lotion, and dumped all the rest into a box on the highest shelf in my house. I can only get into that box when I've completely finished a product. I can only buy a new product when there are no more of that type of product left in the box. I'm thinking I'm gonna be pretty well set for at least six months.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about your addiction to beauty products for days and I wanted to share my thoughts. I used to be unable to even enter a drugstore or department store and leave without dropping more than fifty bucks on lotions, potions, makeup, and nail polish. You should see my nail polish collection. It surpassed reasonable years ago. Though I have stopped uncontrollably consuming beauty stuff, it didn't occur without me banning myself from drugstores for about a year. I have credit card balances still unpaid from that crazy product hoarding. And nail salons? Well, we just won't even discuss that. Let's just say I've made a vow to do my own nails til the day I die. And on that day, I'm betting the mortician inexcusably ignores them. So I'd say it's a pretty keepable vow.

Anyhoo, I chucked most of the stuff because it was outdated. Now I barely use anything other than shower gel and soap, muscle soak (Batherapy Lavender, because it rocks and I fell in love with lavender last year), shampoo, conditioner, heat-damage-reducing leave in conditioner, necessary styling agents, a mixture of moisturizer and two different shades of foundation, translucent powder, usual makeup-y stuff, and body lotion (the cheap stuff, like Jergens shimmering or Vaseline night because it's lavender scented).

Yeah, even my handsoap is lavender.

I don't know what compels me about beauty products. It's not even that I'm chasing after some model's look. I JUST LOVE THE STUFF. I walk into the beauty aisle and am flooded with dopamine. Same thing for office supply stores. I will never understand it. But I've learned to control it.

sarah saint said...

"I've been thinking about your addiction to beauty products for days {...}."

I LOVE this sentence.