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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Untold Danger of Eating Sushi

That you may unknowingly get wasabi under your fingernail and go to rub your eye, causing 1) sudden, breathtakingly painful leaking of the eyes and nose that lasts several minutes and 2) uncontrollable laughter among your table-mates.

*This title was blatantly hijacked from theogeo.


theogeo said...

Heheheheee, awesome. Also, hope you've recovered fully.

I never did thank you for your visit. So, thanks! Let's do it again soon.

sarah saint said...

Word up! I'm always ready to blow outta Corinth for a bit.

sarah saint said...

Er, in a way that doesn't sound so gaseous.

Anonymous said...

Oooof, wasabi will definitely open the sinuses. Getting it in your eye...now that's pain to the tenth degree (SHAZAM! I just threw a Seth quote in for good measure!). On the bright side, you'll probably never again be capable of getting conjunctivitis.