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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is it ridiculous...

...that in my breaks, I've spent the morning reading about the Amy Fisher case over on www.crimelibrary.com? Or that I'm looking forward to reading the "files" on Ted Bundy? Or that I'm eagerly aniticipating the "Abnormal" chapeter in my Psych class 'cause then I'll feel somehow qualified to form opinions as to why some people become violent nut jobs?* Hey, beats Myspace. I've thought about actually studying Psychology full-on and getting a degree. One step at a time, though. Let's get this accounting accomplished and move from there.

*I am not down with the glamorization of said nut jobs, especially when there are movies made that almost make the suffering of real people seem comical, like the last Bundy film that was made. I am down with trying to figure them out. Any ideas on nature/nurture anyone would like to share?

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Anonymous said...

The actual study of psychology is boring to me. But I love to read Carl Jung for pleasure.

Go for it, though, if that's what your true heart desires!