A quest to make sense of it all. Or a sense to make a quest of it all.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Scream was TWELVE years ago. 1996. Dizzamn.

I'm checking it/So hot, so hot/Wonder if you know/You're on my radar


Nope, still nothin' much to talk about. It's a cold, bleak January day and all I want to do is re-read The Witching Hour and the world won't let me.

I started to write a poem, an ode to my double soy latte, but I can't because I've got a Britney Spears song blasting in my head ("Radar" for those who could want to know) and I don't know why. But its pounding beat and fast, insipid lyrics are making it impossible for me to do anything but submit to its demand that I subtly bob my head.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Untold Danger of Eating Sushi

That you may unknowingly get wasabi under your fingernail and go to rub your eye, causing 1) sudden, breathtakingly painful leaking of the eyes and nose that lasts several minutes and 2) uncontrollable laughter among your table-mates.

*This title was blatantly hijacked from theogeo.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is it ridiculous...

...that in my breaks, I've spent the morning reading about the Amy Fisher case over on www.crimelibrary.com? Or that I'm looking forward to reading the "files" on Ted Bundy? Or that I'm eagerly aniticipating the "Abnormal" chapeter in my Psych class 'cause then I'll feel somehow qualified to form opinions as to why some people become violent nut jobs?* Hey, beats Myspace. I've thought about actually studying Psychology full-on and getting a degree. One step at a time, though. Let's get this accounting accomplished and move from there.

*I am not down with the glamorization of said nut jobs, especially when there are movies made that almost make the suffering of real people seem comical, like the last Bundy film that was made. I am down with trying to figure them out. Any ideas on nature/nurture anyone would like to share?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Modest Mouse - Devil's Workday

If life would be so kind as to issue a soundtrack, I'd like to request that this ditty be used as background music for this week in Sarah's life. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back in school! Starting tonight, in fact. Woohoo!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, I dropped Luke back off at the airport last Wednesday. Sucks, sucks, sucks. More on that over on SF.

In other news, it's a new year with new opportunities and all that jazz. My resolutions have been posted on SWL, but I'll go 'head and re-post here.

1) To not consume animal products unless there is genuinely no other option and I must eat.
2) That's too hard. Let's go with outlawing blatant meat products first, like actual beef and pork and chicken. Baby steps. Weaning.
3) To combine conscious eating with healthful exercise to acheive a truly healthy and attractive weight for my structure. Not for Naomi Watts's structure, or Angelina Jolie's structure (though my envy of her will never die), but my structure, which includes broad shoulders and wide hips and always will.
4) To present myself with a gift in the form of a boob job when this weight loss is completed. Homegirl's in a double D, and will most assuredly need a lift and possibly a reduction to prevent back problems (and to not have the bosoms of a grandmother until I am a grandmother).
5) To attend at least one semester of school.
6) To send something to my husband every day, even when I'm tired/sick/whatever, even if it's just a postcard to let him know he's still and always on my mind.
7) To pay at least 50% off my car.
8) To travel at least a couple times past the Memphis/Nashville/Huntsville radius.
9) To establish a daily routine in which I can relax, educate myself about something, go the extra mile from "Well, I'm clean and moisturized" to "I am masterfully groomed and polished", and do something entirely mindless like watching the new season of Flavor of Love . And I know I'm not the only one anticipating that last one.
10) To keep at least three of these resolutions.

So there it is. An extension of the grooming mentioned in #9 is to actually use up all of the beauty products that are already in my house before buying new ones. Seriously. I have a Victoria's Secret/Bath & Body Works bonanza in every cubby, cabinet, and closet of my house and I just keep buying more crap. So that's ending now. I've selected ONE body wash (B&BW Cinnamon Bun Heaven, because I don't like it much and want to use it up first) and coordinating lotion, ONE heavy-duty lotion for pampering nights, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, face-wash and lotion, and dumped all the rest into a box on the highest shelf in my house. I can only get into that box when I've completely finished a product. I can only buy a new product when there are no more of that type of product left in the box. I'm thinking I'm gonna be pretty well set for at least six months.