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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ok, first off, I've gotta say that I must see Teeth. I've gotta find a theater that's playing it first, but then I'm so going to watch it.

After reading about it, I wiki'd "vagina dentata" and stumbled across an anti-rape device called Rapex. (My apologies if everyone already knows about this; it's news to me). It's basically a female condom, but the interior is lined with tiny barbs that attach to the skin of the rapist's penis, thus forcing the rapist to seek medical attention. This kills a few birds in one stone: 1) the rape is not completed 2) the rapist will be apprehended whether or not the woman reports the rape, 3) revenge, f*cker!!, and 4) it protects against STD transmission and pregnancy (what guy could get off in THAT situation??).

Sounds awesome, right? But I'm wondering how easily this could be abused. There are already known cases of date rape in which the victim later admitted that the sex had been consensual. It takes a bad, bad woman to use a false accusation of rape as some kind of revenge or to make a mistake look like something she dodn't have a choice in. Betcha there are lower types who would use this device to frame a guy. Girl wants to date boy, boy doesn't want to date girl. Boy and girl are at a party in which girl lets boy know that she'll put out, no strings attached. Boy takes up girl on offer, boy gets barbs in his pecker and girl yells "rape" and since there's indisputable proof that there was an "unwanted" penis in girl, her word weighs more than his. Yeah, it sounds like a bad movie, but it could happen. (Ok, it sounds like a really bad movie, but yeah.)


Anonymous said...

Um...the fact that the female would need to predict her own rape for this to be effective greatly reduces the appeal of this product for me. That and the idea of inserting anything with jagged edges into that area, whether they were meant for me or not.

sarah saint said...

"Um...the fact that the female would need to predict her own rape for this to be effective greatly reduces the appeal of this product for me."

Yeah... when's she gonna put it in? I need to google some stats, but doesn't a huge percentage of rape happen in one's own home? So do you slip that bad boy in before you get in bed? Or what about situations where there is some amount of personal responsibility, is the device like insurance for not taking care of yourself?

Lot of issues, here.

theogeo said...

If this is the same device I'm thinking of, supposedly it was developed for women in the regions of Africa that are in such turmoil that something ridiculous like 1 in 3 women and girls gets raped. Darfur, etc.

Sad that such things even have to exist.

Anonymous said...

This is the part in the BOL where Holly would offend everyone by trivializing the sensitive topic in Alice's fact quote and saying, "Yeah, thanks Debbie Downer. Psht."